Friday, October 13, 2006

Exit Strategy

The tail is wagging the dog. The L.A. Times reports the head of Britain's Army, General Richard Dannett, endorses pulling U.K. elements out of Iraq. The British have been told by Shiite leaders in Basra that their presence is inciting Shiite violence. Though Gen. Dannett has backpedaled from his earlier comment yesterday, the concept of British troops leaving immediately would be a great test scenario.

This should be welcomed by all involved. This could be a trial separation to see if troop withdrawal is a viable option.
The U.S. policy to Iraq would clearly delineate U.S. withdrawal upon success of the Basra experiment. If violence abates and Iraqis cooperate in a reasonably national manner, then the U.S. can withdraw, too, knowing that the mission is complete--or at least, close enough for government work.


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