Saturday, October 14, 2006


The President is sounding like a follower. "(i)f you [General Casey] come into this office and say we need to do something differently, I support you. If you need more troops, I support you. If you're going to devise a new strategy, we're with you," Bush said recently. Sounds like he's about to hang one of those yellow "We Support Our Troops" ribbons on his door.

The article further states 23 of 36 Army Combat Brigades are deployed worldwide. This indicates that 13 Brigades are not in combat. Does the administration actually believe that the Army possesses the combat power to address Iran and North Korea with a military option? A viable exit strategy for Iraq is not to move the troops to Iran or North Korea.

One must bear in mind that the 13 Brigades not committed are degraded in operational status due to attrition in men and materiel. I won't even discuss training and morale.

What Bush is really saying is, "we're grasping at straws here." During my military training, the term WAG was used a lot. A WAG is a "Wild ass guess", which is often used in planning operations; a SWAG is a scientific WAG.

Why does it appear that WAG's and SWAG's are the best guesses that the National Command Authority have up their sleeves?

If there is a God, I hope he/she/it'll keep U.S. soldiers out of Iran and North Korea.


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