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Saturday, July 21, 2007

No Ad Hominum Attacks, Thanks

I wish you wouldn't say that
I thought I'd have to come right over;

I thought I made it clear enough

I guess I'll have to make it clearer

--I Wish you Wouldn't Say That, Talking Heads

Ranger is writing this bit for the following two reasons:

[1] We'd like to try unmediated dialog again, so we will be turning word verification off on a trial basis, and allowing for real-time postings to the site.
This is an effort to encourage dialog.

You will have a one-time registration, this, to avoid being inundated with Cialis and Levitra ads. Nobody pays us to advertise.

We can take reasoned dissent. But if the usual cast of crazies shows up (not you, friends)-- advocating all manner of anarchic undertakings--we'll have to pull the plug again. Trolls not welcome; if you must disgorge nastiness, please move to the right. However, earnest debate from all stripes is welcome. No vituperation or name-calling. We are all human beings here.

[2] Ranger has been advised that attacks against his credentials are to be expected in the near future. Chaff is on the radar, so this is a proactive protective posture.

In order to avoid dealing with groundless accusations, he has coordinated with and authorized his Florida Veteran's Service Officer to verify his status as a Ranger-qualified, retired Special Forces Officer.

Any interested parties need only contact the VSO--Jerome Jordan, 1SG US Army, ret., 850-875-8661 (ph), 850-875-8792 (fax), or
jjordan@gadsdengov.net, and ask re. rangeragagainstwar. That is all that is needed, and he will provide necessary verification to allay your wildest suspicions of fraudulent claims. Yeah, Rangers can think on their own.

While onerous, it is a good-faith effort to spare everyone ugly name-calling, and allow for minds to stay open, and on the matters at hand.

Thanks to all the good RAW readers,

Ranger Hruska

Ranger Class 7-68

Served 3rd Rngr. Co. 1971-72

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