Monday, July 30, 2007

Party Poopers

Happy is the Man, Annie Bisset

“The bosses of our mass media, press, radio, film and television, succeed in their aim of taking our minds off disaster. Thus, the distraction they offer demands the antidote of maximum concentration on disaster”
--Ernst Fischer

He was a bad ol' puddy tat

--Tweety Bird, Loony Toons

The reportage on last week's soccer celebration bombings in Iraq bears the hallmark of biased news coverage. Unthinking, at best (Bombings Strike Soccer Fans in Baghdad.)

"The attacks bore the hallmarks of Sunni militants who have fueled the violence [in] Iraq for nearly four years." Of course the Sunni militants have fueled the violence for nearly four years. But this is only true if one disregards the Shia violence sponsored by the U.S-supported Shia-dominated Army and Police.

Ranger espouses calling a spade a spade.

Let's roll the opacity back one more level. Why is the violence in Iraq not equated to an illegal invasion and occupation of their country?

Saddam was a bad man, or so goes the rhetoric, but the level of violence associated with him was not aimed at U.S. interests, nor did it approach the level of carnage introduced with messy democracy.

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