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Saturday, April 09, 2011



Ever had a Twilight Zone moment? Photos and certificates from "James M. Hruska" landed in my inbox recently, but this was another JMH, a USMC veteran who died in 1966. His mementos were found in a barn sale in Oregon, and a couple took the pictures by cell phone and shot them to me, such are the
possibilities in this Brave New World.

Did I know him? No. JMH was perhaps a WW II and possibly Korean War vet. It is possible he was born in 1912, and may have lived in California. The owner of the barn was unavailable, so nothing else is known beyond the citation and pictures. The couple felt protective of the items and purchased them anyway.

If anyone has any information concerning the other James M. Hruska, we would appreciate the input. Some things you cannot ignore.



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