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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We Support Our Troops--NOT!

Do the US command authorities or does the average yellow-ribbon-magnet-displaying citizen read the articles regarding this war? According to an AP article, "Field Clinics Save Lives With Science, Speed" by Jacob Silberberg (1/1/06), Spec. Leonard suffered severe wounds and leg amputation while on combat operations outside of Bagdad. Says Leonard, "Our combat medic didn't have morphine... that was the worst pain of my life."

It is criminal to send US soldiers on combat operations and not have medics properly equipped. Where, why and how could a patrol leader, Company/Battalion/Brigade/Divison, Corps/Theatre commander allow such criminal negligence to occur? A medic without morphine is like a civilian ER without morphine. What kind of amateurs are running this show?

Ironically, Spec. Leonard has not quite yet experienced the worst pain of his life. He'll know that when dealing with the Veteran's Administration throughout the remainder of his life as a discarded soldier.


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