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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Gordian Knot

The U.S. will not leave Iraq unless the violence stops. The Iraqi resistance will not stop unless the U.S. leaves. What seems obvious is that the U.N. must intervene and promote a compromise that will end this quagmire.

If we seek a model, the Geneva accords split Vietnam into two countries, and a period was allowed for voluntary moves both North and South. Do the same in Iraq: divide the country and allow the population to shift accordingly. Then allow the three sovereign nations to work out their own destiny under the protection of external powers.

This is the current trend. Spain may partition off the Basque territory and Catalonia, and witness the division of the former Yugoslavia into five sovereign nations. And note that all will probably qualify for entry into the EU, once they have put their respective houses in order. There is no greater good in imposing union upon opposing factions. As in a feuding family, sometimes the best solution is separation.


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