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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Springtime for Bush: The Real Condi Rice Show

After confronting yet another press reference to "The Condi Rice Show", I am suddenly possessed of an image of opening night on an off-off-Broadway show (as surely this is amateur diplomacy). The emcee, Condi, is roundly greeted by hecklers throwing rotten fruit at her onstage. She is like a performing dolphin, albeit in in dominatrix boots.

I can hear Brooks' line now: "That whole Second Act has to be rewritten. They're losing the war? Excuse me? It's too downbeat!" Of course, the premise of his show was to write a play that would flop. By "keeping it gay" and making an absurd farce of the unspeakable hideousness, led by die hard believers, the show improbably became a dark hit, but not for the reasons the presenters had hoped.

Though the presenters of the Iraq production are in earnest, the audience can see the show is doomed to close after only a few nights, and the only thing that will change is that the stage now has a lot more rubble on it for the cleaning crew to sweep up.


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