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Friday, November 03, 2006

By Hook or By Crook

Today's Wall Street Journal reports "The U.S. military said it is in talks with an unspecified group to free an abducted American soldier" (WSJ, 11/03/06). It appears that the President has borrowed an idea from his brother the governor, and has begun a policy we'll call "No soldier left behind." Now the official U.S. policy of not negotiating with terrorists has been scrapped. So, we'll negotiate when we can't kill or capture the dastardly terrorists.

The article states that the soldier was abducted. Wrong. Soldiers are not abducted during war making, they are captured, regardless of who performs the capture. This soldier is a POW, not a detainee. Let's keep our language clear, concise and correct.

If the Geneva Convention (GC) were strictly adhered to by U.S. forces , then it would be possible that prisoners would be respected by all parties. I know this is stretch, but you must start somewhere. If we don't abide by the GC, then how will the other side?

Negotiating with terrorists is never a good idea, even if the life of a soldier is involved.


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