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Friday, February 23, 2007

Call for Position Unification

In war, there are no unwounded soldiers
--Jose Narosky

Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official
--Theodore Roosevelt

[Back from travels, and back to posting...]

I just received two letters of appeal for support from the veterans groups Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Here are some excerpts from the letters:

from the VFW (Feb. 2007):

"With every passing moment, the situation grows more serious for our veterans. Many are struggling to survive...unable to get a simple VA doctor's appointment...receive a response on a VA claim...or simply get the quality health care they were promised!"

"Please consider sending a generous gift...so we can wage these important battles on behalf of all veterans."

"VFW urgently needs your help to take a strong message of responsibility to our nation's leaders. We will demand what is rightfully ours--timely, adequate and accessible health care!

...we refuse to be another number in line...a faceless statistic caught in a bureaucratic maze of red tape and excuses!"

"Your gift will...serve struggling veterans."

"Together, let's send a strong message that veterans will not be forgotten."

from the DAV (Feb. 2007):

"You remember how tough it's been, at times, since you left the armed forces."

"We disabled veterans will never outlive the consequences of our service, will we?"

"The Commanders Club campaign is our effort to take care of our own...to make sure others get the service they need."

"We need to make sure no fellow disabled vet is forgotten."

"As we say in the DAV, 'We don't leave our wounded behind'."

Well, we know who does leave their wounded behind...

As I have noted previously, the VFW often runs articles in its magazine that glorify or lend support to the phony War on Terror. However, their collection appeals sing another tune.

There is nothing patriotic about the fact that fraternal military organizations are in fact necessary to insure that all veterans are treated fairly and equitably by a "grateful nation." Considering the beneficiaries of this war, one wonders why the oil companies don't support veterans programs with hefty donations.

Ranger's position is that
fraternal organizations should not be necessary to provide services to veterans to help them secure the benefits to which they are entitled. This should be a governmental responsibility.

Unfortunately, until such time that veterans are not treated as adversaries or dispensable citizens, groups such as DAV and VFW are a necessary requirement to help insure our veterans are not ignored by the system.

The Department of Veterans Affairs' (DVA) disability determination process is adversarial and does not treat veterans with respect. Our lives are expendable in combat, but our claims for proper remuneration are questioned after the fact, shoved through a byzantine determination process, all traveling on a slow boat to China.

The sole function Ranger advocates for all veterans groups is to oppose all wars that are not declared as such. If a war is worthy of fighting, then Congress should bless it with a declaration of war.
The groups should unify their platforms. One can't support a war and then complain about poor service to vets. There is currently a fissure in these group's policies; they have put themselves in a double-bind.

You must oppose the war if you are opposed to the poor treatment of vets. The yellow ribbon magnet may say "We Support the Troops", but it really doesn't amount to whole hill of beans when that troop-cum-veteran is turned away from treatment back home.


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