Sunday, August 09, 2009

Good Jumping


These pictures are from the 1972-73 time frame. One is an arty effort showing young Capt. Hruska overlaid by a photo of same preparing for a hard Parachute Landing Fall.

Ranger actually remembers that landing, as it felt like there was a motor on my ass blowing me across the DZ. If you'll notice, that was an unmaneuverable old T-10 parachute. Oh, the good old days.

The picture from the interior of the C130 is of LTC Jim Anderson, Battalion Commander 4th Stu., Battalion Airborne TSB, USAIS, SSG Cobb, Battalion S-3 NCO and Ranger. LTC Anderson was the Chief of Patrolling Committee, 3rd Ranger Company, and both Cobb and Hruska were instructors. When Anderson went to the TSB Airborne battalion, we both tagged along for the ride (with Ranger commanding 45th Company, TSB, USAIS.)

Note that all three of us are sitting incorrectly. Our right hands should be covering and protecting the reserve parachute handle to prevent an accidental release.

Cobb was a Captain and RIF'd in the early round, reverting to his prior enlisted rank. He retired as a Command Sergeant Major and had the honor of being the CSM of the USAIS. Too bad he was an OCS grad; if he were West Point, he might have been the Commander.

LTC Anderson was a man of honor and wit. Ranger remembers Anderson telling Colonel Gerasci of his call sign --
mal hombre -- that this translated as "Lucky Wop"! That is probably why Ranger got along with LTC Anderson, who retired an LTC and moved to Colorado. Both men are remembered fondly.

All the way. So much easier to say than do these days.

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