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Monday, November 08, 2010

Crossing the Rubiocon

Some day my prince will come
Some day we'll meet again

And away to his castle we'll go

To be happy forever I know

--Some Day My Prince Will Come,

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Well let me tell you 'bout the way she looked
The way she acted, the color of her hair
Her voice was soft and cool

Her eyes were clear and bright

But she's not there

--She's Not There, The Zombies

In light of Republican Marco Rubio's win as Florida's new Senator, Ranger recants his previous forecast that General David Petraeus would be on the Republican's short list for the next presidential election. Here's why.

In the final stages of the election process, old buddy Jeb Bush attached himself remoran-like to Rubio's belly. Rubio (like Obama) will be a first-term Senator, and already his name is being bandied about as the Republican's Great Hispanic Hope for 2012.
Like Obama, Rubio is many things to many people: He is a lawyer, pro-life, of immigrant stock (Cuban parents), former football player, former Catholic-cum-Christian Fundamentalist -- he is even a Gemini! What could be a more fortuitous astrological sign for a profession requiring the face of Janus?

Project your hopes thereupon, and you will have a good chance of finding a niche into which it might fall in the person of Mr. Rubio. Where does this leave good buddy Jeb? Will there be no tertiary Bush dynasty?

Tune in 2012 for the days of our lives (which thank god has been renewed for another two years. proving some bad things never change.)

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