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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Summer of '69. pt. II

I have no idols. I admire work,
dedication and competence

--Ayrton Senna

A competent leader can get efficient service

from poor troops, while on the contrary

an incapable leader

can demoralize the best of troops

--John J. Pershing


[We are going through some old, unentered writing. Today is "Summer of '69 pt. II". We don't know where Pt. I is, but we'll be rifling through old writings to find it.]

While writing Part I discussing my mortar platoon experience of 1969 Ranger failed to mention the players.

Sergeant First Class Evans -- "EV" -- was Platoon Sergeant, Staff Sergeant Wilson was our chief computer. Sergeants McBay and Hearn were other names brought to the surface of memory.

Ev and Wilson were positive and willing soldiers in all respects, fulfilled in what they did and how they did it. SSG Wilson was upbeat and always joked; McBay was sad and taciturn, never turning a smile. Hearn was hard-working and a Korean War vet. The Platoon was filled with competent leadership.

Wherever these men are today, Ranger wishes to express his gratitude for their gracious efforts to develop me into a worthy Platoon leader
. They NEVER held back and we always did the job in a no-sweat manner. I was lucky to be a part of them. Not being able to speak for the other surrounding units, but of this I'm sure -- we would have performed properly even if they dropped us into Bastogne '44.

Of this I am sure.

So to the Sergeants and men please know that Ranger still revels in thinking of those days with the Platoon. We didn't need no smart mortar bombs. We were smart, and that is what soldiering is about. At least the NCO's were smart, and we learned from them.

That is the formula.

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