Friday, October 26, 2012

Land of Nod


Our little piece of redneck heaven is probably not so different from your neck of the woods perhaps only in this way alone: Politicians lie.

Media ads here in the Panhandle have our Representative Steve Southerland (R.) accusing his opponent of -- horror or horrors -- supporting Obamacare.  We ask: Is this an indictment?

Did not both the House and Senate approve the bill, and did not the President sign it into law?  Did not the Supreme Court uphold the constitutionality of the law?  Are not congressmen sworn to uphold the law of the land?  Obamacare is the law of the land.

NOTE: For all freshmen Republicans hoping to win votes via posturing for retroactive rescindment of passed legislation:

The way it works in this here democracy is, legislation is presented, debated and then voted upon in a legally constitutional manner.  We -- all of us -- must then accept approved legislation as the law (until and if such a time when the legislation is legally rescinded.)

We understand it is scary to know that your predecessor (Blue Dog Democrat Alan Boyd) rang his own death knell by supporting the bill, and after six terms, the guillotine came down for him.  But you do not get to ride by acting like the one who voted against it, thereby gaining the approval of the local yokels who each cut off his nose to spite his face; it was law before you got here.

Such mindless negative politicking insults the electorate and promotes divisiveness, insulting the democratic spirit of the integrity of the rule of law. Southerland's campaign stresses that he "takes care of people" (and what politician would say otherwise?), but how is opposing universal access to healthcare "taking care of people"?

So why would your opponent's support of the law be a negative thing?

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