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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Misuse of Government Property

I just caught a CNN report about the Massachusetts National Guard Combat Engineers Unit which was returning from Iraq. This was called "combat duty," though they spent the year as guards in the now-defunct Abu Ghraib prison.

What the heck is a combat engineer unit doing being utilized as prison guards? This is a total misuse of assets and represents the overall mismanagement of this war.

Further, I believe this is a breach of contract on the part of the government. These soldiers signed up to perform duties in combat engineer specialties. Forcing them to perform M.P.- type guard duty is inappropriate.

I know the enlistment contract reads "at the convenience of the service," but this constitutes an abuse of reserve forces. This misutilization of prime assets is symptomatic of both of this administration's elective invasions. Prior planning would indicate that the resources were not available to implement these nightmarish fantasies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I remember the simple Five P's from my military days: Prior Planning Prevents P___ Poor Performance. Someone should tell the President and Rumsfeld about this rudimentary rule.


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