Sunday, July 30, 2006

RIP James Donald Reid

This is not a typical posting. I'll try and make it non-partisan.

On June 22, 2006, a retired soldier died. His name was James Donald Reid, Captain, Infantry. Jim was a Silver Star and Bronze Star with Valor recipient, with two Purple Hearts, Master Parachute Badge, Combat Infantry Badge and Pathfinder Badge. Jim was a Special Forces officer in the early 70's, and he was my friend.

Jim was 100% Veteran's Administration compensable for Type II adult onset diabetes, contrected due to exposure to Agent Orange. The actions of the NVA could not kill Jim, but the defoliant...well, I promised not to be polemical.

Jim wrestled with the demons that all combat soldiers experience, and he was a fine and good man. I'll miss him, and I'm glad that he had the years that he did. As a combat soldier Jim knew that you could cheat death for awhile, but it'd catch up with you eventually.

According to his wife, Jim died peacefully, and for this I'm thankful. He justly deserves peace.


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