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Monday, September 04, 2006

Candle in the Wind

CNN reported today on a Chicago house fire which killed six children. The fire was the result of a candle which was being used for light. The apartment had neither electricity nor a smoke alarm (I guess not).

Note well: America's heartland has poor families lacking the financial means to even have electricity in their homes. Concurrently, the U.S. is doing everything possible to enable Iraqis to have this convenience.

It is reminiscent of the good churches which send clothes and other amenities abroad as part of their ministries and mission, when children go hungry across their own railroad tracks. We already have them in the flock, therefore, let them fend for themselves. So the Iraqis are the new coup. Once we have them--or there are no more favorable photo-ops to be had--they will no longer be the favored child either.

Why are American citizens too poor to have electricity? You are just as dead dying from a candle fire as you are from a terrorist attack. Our poorly-funded social safety net caused these deaths, and this fact is ignored by a war-making nation.

The bright side of this story is that the surviving family members probably won't have to pay estate taxes. And there'll be six less mouths for the No Child Left Behind program to feed.



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