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Monday, September 04, 2006

Under Every Rock?

I am concerned about the artificial dovetailing of terrorism into the war in Iraq.

The war in Iraq is not about terrorism, and does not realistically address the threat to the "homeland" or to American interests. Though another stateside attack is a very real threat, the probablity of its occurring is negligible compared to the probablity portrayed to us by the Administration. And the actuality is, our tremendous outlay of national treasure on "attacking the problem" has only left us more vulnerable to Muslim aggression

Today's New York Times presents a study on the precipitous decline in prosecuted terrorist cases ("Study Finds Sharp Drop in Number of Terrorism Cases Prosecuted," NYT, 9/04/06). If there is such a great threat out there, then why does the Justice Department not address it in a realistic manner? The figures do not reflect a DoJ which is very vigorously pursuing the criminals we call terrorists. Could it be that they're not out there?


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