Monday, September 18, 2006

A Moat Point

"Mr Gorbachev--tear down your wall!" Thus spoke everyone's favorite silver screen Republican. And the Iron Curtain fell and the show was over. The evil empire soon followed (though Evil itself still lurks). Score one for the Gipper.

Now we're building our own wall on the Mexican border. Remember Hadrian's, and the Great Wall of China...do they ever work? What about Israel--has their wall protected them from Hamas and Hezbollah? It doesn't appear so.

Nonetheless, it seems that our lawmakers, happy as they are living in their gated communities (so constructed to keep out the riff-raff), feel that America should follow suit. Forget that the average American cannot afford to live ensconced within such premier protectorates. The men with a plan have devised a separation from our Mexican neighbors. I guess globalism doesn't apply to the Southern U.S. border.

But the terrorist threat will not walk across that border. Hell, I don't even want to cross Texas, and I'm a loyal U.S. citizen.

Nonetheless, along those same lines, a recent initiative to secure Baghdad was suggested: that a moat be dug around that city. Now there's a novel idea. And will there be portcullis's, and perhaps boiling vats of oil to drop upon the heads of the hapless invaders...of what? Of our citadel? I feel like we're racing headlong into the 14th century. This is not progress.


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