Monday, September 18, 2006

Road Warriors

A recent AP article titled, "U.S., Afghan Troops Unleash Mountain Fury (9/17/06)" features a photo of a wheel of a destroyed vehicle on a "main" road in Kabul provence. The road is, of course, dirt and rubble, and struck me as being a fine location for Mel Gibson, actor from hell, to film yet another installment in the Road Warrior series.

My first impression was that of our first lunar landing on the moon's desolate, pock-marked surface. Why would we have U.S. troops fight and die for land that you couldn't even sell in Florida, if you owned it? Possible NASA could gather some astronaut reenactors to film the "lost" lunar landings in this landscape. I can't imagine anything else useful coming from this effort.

It's possible that Bush may be using Afghanistan to fulfill his early presidential aspirations to explore Mars. Since obtaining funding for Mars exploration was a reach, possibly opium funds can sustain our colonization of this biosphere.


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