Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Game On

It's Monday night and I'm watching a college football game, something I rarely do. Suddenly, I had an epiphany (this affected my psyche!) Maybe it was the cheerleaders, but I was pumped. I now understood the Iraqi Game Plan in a holistic way.

George Bush is a sports fan, and as such, he views Iraq and Afghanistan in sports terms. Winning is everything, lest you walk off the field in defeat, no company endorsements...a business failure. It's not how you play the game. You lose the final point, Nike doesn't want you. There are two ways to look as this in sports jargon. Here are my fantasy football scanarios:

#1. Bush states that we must stay the course--stick with the game plan. In military terms this means that you have maintained the military principle of objective, and continuing along this course will lead to victory.
Obviously, this is not the case in Afghanistan or Iraq. But in this scenario, Coach Bush stays the course.

#2. The other image I conjure is that of Coach Bush at half-time coming up with a new game plan. When the coach regroups, this means that you are losing and must do something different to stave off defeat. A majority in America seem to believe that a new plan is needed, which means that we are losing.

Unfortunately, people are dying from Coach Bush's unflinching certainty in the hypothetical scenario #1.


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