Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Round One

The front cover of Newsweek (11/06/06), reminiscent of so many similar photos I've seen, features four Marines walking in a row, each separated by perhaps no more than 5-10 meters. I want to tell them: one round will get you all.

The Army infantry of the Vietnam era was constantly trained to achieve a 15-25 meters interval between soldiers when on operation. Since the bursting radius of an 81 mm mortar round is 15-35 meters, even 15 meters is too close.

In Iraq, where the big killer is now IED's and snipers, why are these Marines on the front cover bunched up? For all the talk on strategy and tactics, it seems that basic infantry sense is being ignored.

Don't bunch up. One round will get all of you. And a good sniper could get two of you before you hear the report of the rifle.


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