Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Army Strong

The Current Army Echoes bulletin features an article on the new "Army Strong" ad campaign. The article concludes by introducing us to virtual Soldier, SGT Star, whom you will meet if you go to the Army site to inquire about the Army. It is he who will answer any questions you might have.

So, now we don't even get a live person to bend the facts; now it's done by a virtual Soldier. First it was the tape recorded taps which are played at funerals today; now it is the mechanical welcome to service. Coming and going discharged without the bother of having actual humans to tend to the Soldier's needs.

What more fitting way to introduce us to Fantasyland. You can meet SGT Star, too, at
goarmy.com. It is, at least, an authentic welcome to the world which will face today's Soldiers apres-service.

The creators model these cyber creations upon human composites. I am imagining that SGT Star's sincerity may have been modeled after someone in the current administration.


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