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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Intrepidity Needed

"A promise made is a debt unpaid"
Robert W. Service, The Cremation of Sam McGee

These pictures are from the March/April 2007 DAV magazine coverage of the Center for the Intrepid Rehab Facility in San Antonio Texas.

I hold these brave young men and women in nothing but the highest regard, and stand humbled before their sacrifice. But I cannot be happy at the introduction of this facility nor at its necessity, as I was not happy at the inception of these elective hostilities, as I continue to to be outraged at their continuance.

Even Thomas "F.U." Friedman got his hair up--a little (NYT, 3/11/07):
"You’d think that an administration that has been so quick to exploit soldiers as props — whether it was to declare “Mission Accomplished” on an naval vessel or to silence critics by saying their words might endanger soldiers in battle — would have been equally quick to spare no expense in caring for those injured in the fight.

"Mr. Bush summoned the country to D-Day and prepared the Army, the military health system, military industries and the American people for the invasion of Grenada."

But remarkably--or not--Mr. Friedman is not so much outraged, as he is calling on Americans to throw a giant bake sale of sorts for the boys. At the article's conclusion, Friedman includes the names and addresses of four charitable organizations to which good folks can contribute monies. Says he, "We've got to take first-class care of those who've carried the burden of this war."

This is not Bowling for Dollars or a Prayer Dial-a-thon. This is America, not some unincorporated area outside of the train depot. We have a government which levies taxes, declares wars, and disburses funds appropriately. Or at least, should be.

A faithful reader of this blog recently likened VA health care to welfare. Call it what you will, it's a promise. And if the mega wealthy can have their entitlements and "welfare" which allows them to dodge billions of dollars in taxes each year, then so can the lowly soldier gain the finest health care, which is his or her earned right. That is not asking for the Taj Mahal.

Mr. Friedman's approach may garner some support now, but as those men and women age, the patriotic fervor will have died down, and the bake sales will be less. That is why the government must honor the health care promise made to those whose lives are compromised in the service of our country.

The center is aptly named, however, as these brave young warriors will have to be intrepid when dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs for the rest of their lives.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I propose that all public funding for the Iraq war should be cut off and we should set up some charities where those who support the war can contribute to fund it.
Maybe Tom Freidman will contribute.
Kevin in Granville

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 12:24:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger rangeragainstwar said...

Fabulous idea, Kevin. Maybe we can get a petition circulating...

I nominate Thom to be at the head of the effort, a real grassroots thing is what I envision --door-to-door--like the kids selling candy for h.s. band costumes.

He would look splendid, replete with some sort of shriners-type cap, with a tassel.

Yes, it's looking more and more like Music Man all the time to me...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 12:35:00 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heck, if we can get the "supporters" to participate in fund raising, let's have em go one further: keep the war going just a leeeetle longer all for them...have em draw a weapon, pack a ruck, give em their own special kevlar beanies and form up on Baghdad's burning sand. Hooha Chickenhawks! Clear and hold, indeed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 1:05:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger rangeragainstwar said...


I'm lovin' it! Your logic is impeccable.

I've seen those smart-looking Young Repubs on campus--how good they'd look falling in. Just the antidote needed to those swishy Spartans Hollywood, with its pro-gay agenda, has so cleverly tried to jam down our throats recently. We could get a film crew on it.

And for those who grumble over their CAB's, this would be a chance for a bona fide CIB, no?


Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 1:17:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger R said...

Love your blog man. I'm an Iraq (and Afghanistan) veteran. Also a Ranger. I served with the 82nd. Look me up at www.skaskiw.com . Drop me an email or something.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 2:41:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger rangeragainstwar said...

Glad to have you on board, Roman. Thank you for your service.

Jim's not here right now, but we'd both welcome any future commentary.

I see your site also concerns the literary. There is a wonderfully informed military man, Col. Lang, writing a new literary site--The Athaeneum--you may want to check him out.

You'll note we put our toe in the literary/pop-culture confluence here on occasion. Hop in anytime.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 2:55:00 PM GMT-5  

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