Wednesday, December 02, 2009



This is a lesson in journalistic integrity.

A commenter recently called Ranger to task on a flip personal comment he made in a 09.02.09 post,
All the Way: "I don't know your reason for discrediting Lamar 'Bill' Welch. You obviously weren't close enough to him to know him as the great soldier he was." Indeed, Ranger made an unverified comment concerning the late Colonel Welch, and an apology is in order.

Even if true, it served no constructive purpose and so should not have been written. My offhanded comment was based upon scuttlebutt, and did not meet the bar for reportage or even gentlemanly behavior (which we strive for if we don't always meet.)

Col. Welch's record is a clear reflection of his life of service and dedication. The flippancy was misplaced and inappropriate, and the correction serves as a reminder that responsibility is as important as rights. Posting on the internet is serious business, as we are reminded time and again.

The fact is, I never personally observed any incorrect actions by Col. Welch. Speaking truthfully and responsibly is my charge and in this case, I failed. I appreciate my readers and will live up to the standards of decency required to honor their readership to the best of my ability.

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