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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Escape From Freedom

Hoping to find a friend and a lover
I'll bless the day I discover
Another -- lookin' for love.
--Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
Johnny Lee

Homeland Security rejoices when a desperate housewife like Jihad Jane is swept off the operational rolls of the nasty terrorist threat.

Forget that she is a wannabe with no operational skills or ability to carry out any type of operation -- either significant or insignificant -- against U.S. interests. She had the intent, but the capability was clearly lacking. Jihad Jane is reminiscent of another failure from the past, Squeaky Fromme.

Fromme was so bat-shit crazy that she attempted to kill President Ford with a semi-auto, but forgot to jack a round into the chamber. Like Jihad Jane, Fromme had the intent to kill, minus the capability. At worst, she too was bat-shit crazy.

These lunatics press the question as to where craziness starts, and where it ends. When the U.S. convicts people who are delusional and borderline of crimes we are buying into their insanity. Delusional, pathological thinking is a mental illness. Sending people who act out their psychopathology to prison does not benefit society.

The mental health yardstick should be applied to our national leadership and the court system, as these people are more dangerous than any two-bit Jihad Jane or Squeaky Fromm.

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