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Monday, November 22, 2010

Radical Clerics


Ranger has written on the illegality and meaninglessness of Anwar al-Awlaki -- U.S. citizen and Muslim cleric in Yemen, being placed on the U.S. president's "kill list" (U.S. of Assassination, 11.09.10).

Al-Awlaki is a basic, one each radical cleric who preaches death to Americans. Serves him right, you say.
But an 11.20.10 editorial in the NYT backs Ranger up -- "A False Target in Yemen":

"[N]o one should remain under the mistaken assumption that killing Mr.Awlaki will somehow make us safer.

"Mr. Awlaki isn’t the group’s top religious scholar (Adil al-Abab), its chief of military operations (Qassim al-Raymi), its bomb maker (Ibrahim Hassan Asiri) or even its leading ideologue (Ibrahim Suleiman al-Rubaysh).

"Rather, he is a midlevel religious functionary who happens to have American citizenship and speak English. This makes him a propaganda threat, but not one whose elimination would do anything to limit the reach of the Qaeda branch.

"He’s not even particularly good at what he does: Mr. Awlaki is a decidedly unoriginal thinker in Arabic and isn’t that well known in Yemen. ..."

If a Muslim cleric is radical, we slap a death sentence on him -- but what about the radical Christian clerics, to include military chaplains who are cheerleaders of the Phony War on Terror (
PWOT©) and five-by behind our invasions of sand box nations (the sort Ranger wrote about in "The Chaplain")? Why can radical Christian clerics do the same thing we condemn their clerics to death for doing?

For not only do the worst of the Christian clerics pump up their flocks behind killing the Islamic Infidel, they also call fatwas on abortion providers.

A Tallahassee abortion provide,
Dr. John Britton, was shot and killed by a shotgun round to the head from Reverend Paul Jennings in Pensacola, Florida in 1994. Hill also killed Britton's bodyguard, retired Air Force lieutenant James Barrett, and wounded Barrett's wife June, a retired nurse. Hill could be called an "anti-abortion terrorist", for his goal and that of his fellows is to intimidate any future doctors from performing the procedure. (Hill was inspired by the 1993 murder of Dr. David Gunn.)

This is a perfect double-standard as they support killing certain people deemed un-Christian in their support of the "pre-born", but we expect that from the religious realm.

This is a national hypocrisy and shame when it becomes institutionalized.

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