Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sneak Attack

The boss told me I'd get paid weakly
and that's exactly how I'm paid

--Another Day, Another Dollar
Porter Wagoner


What is the furor over Iran's reported attempts to build a nuclear weapon and calls to preemptively strike Iran's production facilities?

Many are with the New York Post which declares with alacrity, "a short, concentrated [U.S] arial and naval bombardment" would make short-order of the situation. Some believe the preemptive strike should be farmed out to Israel (in the spirit of off-shoring, which has worked so very well for us in the economic sphere.) The Iranian weapons are being presented
as terrorist nuclear weapons when there is no proof backing up the allegation.

Ranger's Question of the Day:
How does a U.S. or allied preemptive strike differ from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor? That attack was opportunistic and elective, but at least Japan declared war, something that the U.S. has relegated to the quaint file. Can the U.S. in good faith lay wreaths at the USS Arizona monument while executing non-declared preemptive wars?

In response to the U.S. allegation, Iran's President Ahmadinejad recently stated that the U.S. possesses
20,000 high-yield nuclear weapons, leading to the question, would anyone in Iran be foolish enough to employ a nuclear weapon for any offensive purpose?

It is difficult to understand the U.S. concern in that theatre. The U.S. is the wild card causing disruption and destabilization, and even our own purported allies have stated they would ally with others, given the opportunity. Yet we are willing to create another major state type war over what?
Isn't there enough disruption here in The Homeland ™ to garner our attention? (The thought of Cain, Bachmann or Romney running our nation should be cause enough for massive alarm.)

Where is the America that used to consider the welfare of Americans as Job 1? A war with Iran would be as disastrous and pointless as have been our involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya.
What "make benefit" has been gained by any of it, aside from the sordid improved job opportunities for physical therapists, prosthetic manufacturers, and any of the other profiteers of war?

How often will the U.S. ignore concepts like "wars of aggression", instead executing discretionary preemptive wars sold as cakewalks, which are anything but.

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