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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stand Your Ground

Atlas regrets that you are on its 'must die' list
and hopes that you will continue to use our products

should you survive this encounter



A moral dilemma:

If George Zimmerman is to be tried for 2nd degree murder, then what would be the correct charge for a drone-wielding joystick jockey who remotely kills an innocent person with a sophisticated Hellfire missile?

Mitigating factors:

No imminent harm was posed by the person killed, and the joy stick killer has pre-planning and intent, which qualifies his action as 1st degree murder.

One crop which the Reapers are sure to sow is hatred (Hatred: What Drones Sow). Jefferson Morely reports today in Salon:

The metrics are dismal. The advent of the drone war in Yemen has coincided with the growth of al-Qaida there. When the Obama administration began the strikes in December 2009, al-Qaida had 200-300 members and controlled no territory. Now White House counterterrorism advisor John Brennan tells a group of New York cops that it has “more than 1,000″ members.

We should consider how well this crop will feed our nation's future.

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