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Friday, May 15, 2009

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet. . .

--I've had it with these jackbooted thugs!"
--Pottery Barn?
--I got three Pottery Barn catalogs in one day.
That makes eight this month

--The Junk Mail episode
, Seinfeld (1997)


Fellow blogger jurassicpork recently wrote on the exorbitant benefits which continue to accrue to the estates of deceased executives ("Die. Sit. Stay. Good Boy"). This dovetailed nicely with a recent observation on dead mail deliveries.

While slogging through the bureaucratic quagmire of the United States Postal Service online, attempting to remove a mail hold sans confirmation number (an impossibility), Lisa came across the following option:

If you are receiving mail addressed to a person who is deceased, you can
redirect delivery of a deceased person’s mail by following these steps.

U.S. Postal Service® will continue to deliver mail addressed to a deceased person until we are notified of a change in delivery preference.
If you would like the deceased’s mail to be forwarded to a different address, simply file the request at your local Post Office™.

My only question is, how would you know where the dearly departed ended up, and if they'd still like to receive those Pottery Barn catalogs?

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