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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!

Why does the world clamor for a cease-fire between the Isrealis and Hezbollah?

Yeah, it's a real shoot-em-up between God's Chosen People and his own Chosen Party. Yet it seems that nobody ever mentions or even seriously considers cease fires in Iraq or Afghanistan. Why is one a hot topic, to be halted tout de suite, and the other simply a long-term drag with the concommitant acceptance of daily bloodshed? Is it possible that Saddam was so bad, or democracy is so sacred, that Iraqis must die wholesale to purge their evil from existence?

Maybe it's because we're God's Chosen Country; like the song says, "God shed his Grace on Thee." See lyrics of country singer Toby Keith, resplendent in his red, white, and blue flag shirt (which may consititute a desecration of the Flag, but that's another story) for further exegesis of our ruling mandate.

(I'm beginning to think that this whole God branding might really begin to get exploited, with everyone from clothiers to food suppliers hopping on the bandwagon; I can see "flax is God's chosen cloth", etc. etc.--ad absurdum. Soon, sadly, to be God's anything will lose its cachet when everyone has a claim to be one of his children. Who will really have the Man's o.k. to trump anybody? May as well not start anything when it's a level playing field, and you haven't the advantage of right solely on your side, right? Well, I mean you could still Crusade, but it'd be an absolute crapshoot as to who'd reign victorious. And why not just be happy with what you've got, for all that?)

The problem we've fostered is that the Shiites have gained dominance in the region since the U.S. invaded Iraq. In effect, the U.S. supports a Shiite coalition in Iraq that is sympathetic and overtly favorable to the Hezbollah Shiites. Obviously, Iran's Shiites benefit too from this Shiite emergence, as I predicted years ago. However, it is the relationship between MalakI (Iraq) and Hezbollah that the press seems to ignore.

Here's where we go round the mulberry bush: the Hezbollah Shiites are fighting our main ally in the region, Isreal. The U.S. supports, trains and equips the Iraqi Shiites. There are close ties to Iraq and Hezbollah; the Iranians don't even need to be included in order for Hezbollah to benefit from a sizeable state support. In summation, our Iraqi Shiite allies are supportive of Hezbollah Shiites, who are also supported by Iran, and who are attacking our ally, Israel. So the U.S. is supporting both sides of the killing in Israel. A little Armageddon, anyone?

Why does nobody question the support links between Iraq and Hezbollah? The U.S. military is training Iraqi soldiers who, because of the sectarian affiliation, may act in direct opposition to U.S. interests. Therefore, the Iraq War defies all logic. Q.E.D.


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