Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Shell Game

The Afghan and Iraq adventures are here to stay until our Congressional leaders start exercizing a counterbalance to the dictatorial-like attitudes emanating from his holiness, Pope George, and his cardinals.

Congress authorized and allowed two crusades and all indicators point to an impending unilateral invasion of Iran. Forget all the rhetoric about evilness; something must be done to short-stop this madness. There's a whole lot of evil and downright bad behavior shakin' all around, but military responses are not the only solution. Problem is, your evil is my pleasure. Unless we're serious about mutually assured destruction, coexistence is the only alternative to obliteration. I don't fear Iran so much as our own unreasoned and illogical justification for this looming military action.

When will America say enough? Preemptive invasions addressing non-existent threats, secret prisons, secret courts, torture and a military apparatus incapable of dealing with the actual problem, whether that be mopping up after invasions or ferreting out terrorist cells which are, supposedly, the actual threat to the U.S. The military does a very good job of attacking people, but it is not in the business of finesse. Certainly not in the modality it has been employed in these two expeditions.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the U.S. does not possess the military, economic or political ability to address the issue of Iran with a military option as long as our military is bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq. The American people and Congress had better address this issue before further unreasoned action is initiated.

As always, the administration continues to play the shell game to distract attention from its true intentions and actions. The American citizen faces a very real danger posed by the injudicious actions of an out-of-control president. I'm speaking of Bush, not Rafsanjani. Our reigning monarch must be reined in.

Bush, who possesses thousands of nuclear warheads, can go on t.v. and tell a national leader to get out of town by noon or else, and that's called leadership. But Rafsanjani wanting nukes is portrayed as unreasoned and crazy. In truth, both men are extremely dangerous.


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