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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

King of Wishful Thinking

President Bush is the master of fuzzy logic.

"It is naive and a mistake to think that the
war with Iraq has worsened terrorism," said Bush recently. So that's it--now we're at war "with Iraq"? This is not so; the U.S. is not fighting a war with Iraq. Remember "mission complete"? That war ended when Top Gun Bush landed on the aircraft carrier.

The U.S. is funding, equipping, and training a national police and army within Iraq, and using the U.S. military to subdue the Iraqi people. If the U.S. were at war with Iraq, as the President stated, then we would be at war with ourselves, since the new People's Democratic Republic of Iraq is a U.S. client state apparatus. I do not believe President Bush intended to say that our army was fighting against itself. If he did, then we have effectively become cannibals of our own troops.

As I've repeatedly said, without U.S. backing, the al-Maliki government would last exactly ten minutes. Even with U.S. support, the issue is shaky at best.



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