Monday, February 05, 2007


A little diversion:

magazine (2/07) features Medal of Honor recipients of the 4th Infantry Division. General George Mabry was awarded his for an action in the Huertgen Forest 11/20/44.

The following exchange was told to me by former E-5 Infantryman David Proctor, who witnessed it when Major General Mabry was the Division Commander of 8th Infantry Division.

Mabry was not a tall man, and at an inspection stopped in front of a 509th Airborne Private and commented, "Well soldier, I've finally met a soldier shorter than me." Without missing a beat, the trooper almost instinctively responded, "Yes sir, But I'm Airborne!" End of story.

Incidentally, as an afterthought, the father of my Ranger buddy, Perry Holloway Jr., earned the Distinguished Service Cross for providing Mabry with rifle covering fire. Buddy's dad was Lieutenant Perry Holloway. Forgive the ramblings of an old soldier. I remember both fondly, as I do Mabry.


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