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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hope Springs Eternal

Welcome to Sludgepool
The garden of the north!
The home of heavy industry
Since good King George the Fourth!
--Welcome to Sludgepool, from Stop The World, I Want to Get Off

Mainstream media always gives GWB a free ride.

In yet another example, Thomas "Hope Springs Eternal" Friedman says, in "We Can Find the Exit,"

The Sunnis, who started this whole murderous cycle, participate in the government, negotiate with us and also indulge the suicide bombers and the insurgents.
Mr. Friedman, you missed the boat on this one. The "whole murderous cycle" was and is the result of a murderous "preemptive" invasion. What it has preempted, I don't know. This stage was set by our holy man, and not one of the imams.

It seems strange that our leadership can make the decision to start an elective war in the blink of an eye, but take an excessively long decision-making process to end it.

Decisive leadership obviously only applies to starting wars, not ending them.


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