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Monday, March 05, 2007

Down Another Wormhole

We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies,
I think the soul of America dies with it
--Edward R. Murrow

Well, the Walter Reed furor is somewhat abated. The apologists have come out to say it's not that bad. Gates stepped in and handed the public some general officer ass-kicking, and GWB emphasizes his commitment to the wounded, amputee vets. Forget the proposed budget cuts for 2008 and beyond for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Aside from Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) who, at the House subcommittee hearings, denounced the VA system as "institutionally predisposed to treat wounded soldiers like inconveniences rather than heroes," all is generally well. But once again, GWB slipped us a mickey, and we're led down yet another garden path.

The point is not the standard of medical care, but rather--why is the medical care needed at all? Elective phony wars can never justify the sacrifices and suffering of any of our veterans.

This war is criminal, and criminally mismanaged, at all levels.
This is the point that needs emphasis. The Walter Reed scenario is a symptom, but it is not the disease.

The disease is GWB and his phony war


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