Saturday, March 03, 2007


Well, boys, I reckon this is it - nuclear combat toe to toe with the Roosskies. ...I want you to remember one thing, the folks back home is a-countin' on you and by golly, we ain't about to let 'em down. I tell you something else, if this thing turns out to be half as important as I figure it just might be, I'd say that you're all in line for some important promotions and personal citations when this thing's over with. That goes for ever' last one of you regardless of your race, color or your creed. Now let's get this thing on the hump - we got some flyin' to do.
--Major T.J. "King" Kong,
Dr Strangelove

The AP reports today, "China pressed visiting Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte on Saturday to reject a proposed sale of missiles to Taiwan."

Ranger would propose a quid pro quo were he smart enough to understand the intricacies of international relations. The U.S. should forgo missile sales to Taiwan, should China stop selling the same to Iran. Or perhaps, if China will buy more U.S. debt, we'll nix missile sales to Taiwan.

This would simplify U.S. concern on the atomic front considerably, as we would then only have to deal with Russian missile sales to Iran, thereby narrowing the playing field.

The action seems to back up previous Ranger prognostications that Condi Rice is about to do the shuffle off to Buffalo. Surely a major player like China should be dealing directly with the Secretary of State on such a heated national issue.

Possibly Condi, too, is at an undisclosed location.


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