Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Army Air Corps

Scanning for an Army Air Corps poster, I instead found the above. Well, it's submitted as an idea for Mr. Bush to gin up the funds he needs to continue his crusade. Somehow I wonder that America's heart is in this one to the same tune.

That the Air Force is now assuming some of the Army's Iraq duties appears to be another back door draft to come up with bodies to fill out GWB's surge policies (
"Air Force Taking on Some of Army's Iraq Duties"). Excessive numbers of tours and extensions for active duty Army, dual rotations for Reservists, utilization of support troops in combat roles and now Air Force personnel running convoy security. What a great war!

"The 2,225 airmen who have been trained and sent to run convoys in Iraq and Afghanistan so far remain a relatively small part of the overall force that includes tens of thousands of soldiers, who are sent for longer stretches and more frequent deployments.

"Few of the airmen, who once mostly moved or fixed equipment on Air Force bases, imagined they would be sent to fight in a ground war, but course trainers say it makes little difference.

"Many airmen were surprised at the assignment.

"I was expecting just to be a vehicle operations troop, dealing with wreckers, forklifts — vehicles like that," said Senior Airman Robert Bledsoe, who manned a 50-caliber gun during his first deployment to Iraq. "It opened my eyes a bunch."

Ranger wonders if Air Force Recruiters use these facts as a recruitment tool?


Blogger Lurch said...

Naturally, one is led to wonder just how this will affect re-enlistments in the Air Force.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 at 4:16:00 PM GMT-5  

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