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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Hague Conventions

--From The Law of Land Warfare, FM 27-10, July 1956

Some may debate whether the U.S. should recognize the 1977 annex to the Geneva Accords, specifically Article 3 affording POW protections to combatants in a military arena not wearing insignias or uniforms. Civilized behavior is a hotly debated commodity these days. But there is no debate that the U.S. is still a signatory to the treaty commonly called the Hague Conventions, which unfortunately doesn't get much talk these days.

In the above excerpt from the Annex to the Hague Conventions No. IV, 18 Oct 1907, contained in U.S. Army FM 27-10 (1956), a document which has not be superseded or contravened, it is clear that the current U.S. administration stands in violation of the law of the land.

The U.S. has put prices on the heads of euphemistically-termed High Value Targets since the beginning of George's Most Excellent Adventure, clearly in violation of the treaty specifically prohibiting such behavior.

Not only does the current U.S. administration ignore the Geneva Conventions, as we have frequently discussed, it ignores the Hague Conventions, as well. There was a time once when soldiers actually read FM 27-10 and abided by the rules of land warfare. That was a time when, as reader FDChief recently reminded us, like the Romans we could say,
Civis Americanus sum. That time is no more.

The Laws of Land Warfare should be required reading for all Department of Defense personnel prior to deployment to various theatres of operation.

If the Commander in Chief read. . .

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