Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prayin' On It

A goal without a plan is just a wish
--Larry Elder

When you need answers

you don't go to the Lord

You've got your tarot cards

and Ouija board

--Praying to the Wrong God,

Charlie Daniels Band

Wishes don't wash dishes

--old saying


Alabama Governor Bob Riley has asked his citizens to pray “that a solution that stops the oil leak is completed soon” (Seeking God's Help for a Wounded Gulf).

Gov. Riley is following the new m.o. in our technologically-advanced modernity:
prevailing upon the Gods for a propitious outcome. Everything old is new again. Perhaps some crop circles might help speed the matter.

Isn't it strange that a U.S. government which has the power to obliterate civilization does not possess the ability to cap an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico? We destroy with more facility than we repair.

The latest news assures us our next best hope is for mid-August, when a relief well will supposedly divert the gusher; but even that is not guaranteed.

It's all wishes, hopes and prayers.



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