Friday, April 20, 2012


Well, a question ain't really a question

If you know the answer too

--Far From Me
, JohnPrine

"Al-Qaida Fighter Possible Witness at NYC Trial"
--AP Headline

Ranger Question of the Day:
When did al-Qaida become fighters
and not terrorists?

A recent book on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is titled, "The Hunt for KSM: Inside the Pursuit and Takedown of the Real 9-11 Mastermind". Why Takedown, and not "arrest" or "apprehension" -- isn't that what the U.S. does to criminals, even masterminds?

The term "capture" is also used to apply to U.S. law enforcement's efforts, but even that is incorrect. We capture enemies on a battlefield, which also implies they are legitimate Prisoners of War. After all, the U.S. did declare the entire world as the battlefield in this war.

The mistaken use of the terms reflects a confused policy.
With KSM, there was no justification to waterboard the man 183 times, even if he were the devil's spawn. Additionally weakening our vaunted values is the policy of holding anyone for 9+ years sans benefit of legal process. While it was recently announced that KSM will soon face military tribunal, this does not imply an endpoint to his story.

Why do we insist KSM be tried by a closed and opaque military tribunal?
The idea of achieving fairness is futile when the topic is so emotive. What is being kept from public view? What does he know that makes him so dangerous? How can we say we are a nation of laws when we operate like frontier vigilantes?

What is the point in a trial in which the verdict is a foregone conclusion?
He cannot achieve justice when he
will not be allowed to testify publicly about his detention conditions. In fact, this trial will be merely an outward manifestation of our lust for vengeance. KSM is not facing a trial, but rather, a kangaroo court. Even if he were to be found not guilty, President Obama would not release him.

This trial is not about KSM but a phony war that has designated the world its battlefield. KSM's actions may represent mindless violence, but our insane reactivity exceeds his. If the U.S. is not different, than what is the war about? KSM's story will not end until the U.S. authorities responsible for his torture are delivered to a Federal courthouse to answer for their torture policy and disregard for the core values of our society.

As an aside, KSM was educated in the States; 41% of current Massachusetts Institute of Technology students on foreigner on visas in information technology, lasers and aeronautics. This is good news for KSM's replacement.

KSM's efforts were miniscule compared to the self-inflicted injury we have committed upon our body politic.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why even bother commenting on the attention diverting show trial Jim when NO ONE in authority has yet answered why WTC7 also collapsed on its own footprint that same day (and was never "hit"by anything)..

Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 5:47:00 AM GMT-5  

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