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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sheikh and Bake

I've got my baseball cap on, bill in front, so here's another pitch from left field. It's a WAG; possibly, a SWAG. If I were a pundit, they'd call this speculation...

I was wrong about James Baker and his re-repositioning back solidly in the Bush family defensive perimeter. My belief was that the timing of his re-re-arrival was explained by the proximity of the midterm elections. My assumption was that GWB was going to use him as a ready reaction force, a pinch-hitter, to challenge close election outcomes in friendly kangaroo Bush courts, but I was off-base. You know what they say about assumptions.

Since the only contested election was in Sarasota, Florida, for the vacant Katherine Harris seat, and this blatantly and illegally went to a Republican, Baker's skills were not needed. The Republican candidate won due to voting machine glitches, and there was no paper backup with which to corroborate the results. And we all know Florida voters can't find their way out of a voting booth. The Bush compatriots thrive on the absence of paper trails. I'm sure Poppa Bush, as former head spook, is a great advisor on this matter.
Once again, freedom rings, Bush-style.

So, why's he back? Well, I believe he'll still be flexing his election-challenging muscles, but in a slightly different venue--Iraq.

Since Malaki is no longer singing Bush's tune, it's time for him to go. Since JB was so successful in the Florida 2000 victory, he's a shoo-in to help cook the books in Iraq. The purple thumb thing will be easy to invalidate, but what to do about an actual paper trail of votes in Iraq? Democracy is so messy.

I'm confident he'll think of something, in the ninth inning. And if he does, he'll be the only one using his head in the Bush field.

In addition, it's interesting to note that JB leads the Iraq Study Group, without having been elected or occupying an official, congressionally approved position of authority. It seems that the best qualifications for government collaboration these days are Bush family loyalty and Carlyle Group membership.


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