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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blue Dog's in the House

Indigenous Tea Party members, at I-75
in Lake City, FL

I support the left,

though I'm leaning to the right.

But I'm just not there
when it's coming to a fight

, Cream

Tiny splinters are in your soul

And they remain there

Darkest lite in the deepest hole

You’ll sit and pray there

All the guilt from the things you've done

You wouldn’t know what for

What you thought was so much fun

You'll have to pay for

, Korn

The photo above was snapped about 150 miles east of Tallahassee, and shows a local contingent of the Tea Party movement.

The one hand-held sign states: "NO GOV Health Care." Most members sport a liberal avoirdupois, and my thought was, should any of these poor zhlubs find themselves out of a job they would need health care, as they are the sorts to load up on several cases of orange Faygo at Costco, "Just in case." However, they feel it is only the nasty immigrants and minorities who will be sucking up health care, so their bigotry trumps their self-interest.

As I sat in the lobby of my Representative Boyd's office last week, I was privy to hearing three constituents voice their displeasure with the upcoming health care bill. Each threatened to pull his vote from the good Rep. should he back the bill, and each was reassured by the Rep's rep that he hated the bill, and would go no where near it.

And in the end, Blue Dog Democrat Allen Boyd of Monticello helped vote the bill into law.

It may be that his liaison with the public was ill-informed, but surely those people who took the time to walk into the office will be checking the voting record, and making good on their franchise threats. Mr. Boyd may have signed his professional death warrant in this conservative neck of the state.

We would like to thank Rep. Boyd for being an exemplary civil servant. He and his representatives have provided invaluable assistance to Ranger over the years. But politics is a dirty business.

Ranger suggests that the Representative (who has white hair) ready himself for his next position by using a bit of Grecian formula, as ageism is a unkind reality. However, upon re-consideration, he realized that the representative's younger constituents are not doing that much better.

As Mr. Boyd is Vietnam veteran, if worse came to worst, he could always join his fellows somewhere along I-10, as those holding the "Veteran will work for food" signs seem to be engaged in a growth industry.

[The NYT also did a piece on Boyd: "Casting Vote, and Now trying to Sell It Back Home". I predict it will be a hard sell. The article mentions 22% of his constituency is black, and the interviews took place in Quincy, which is 65% black.

The implication is that those residents will now go for the black candidate, who was previously the underdog. With this vote, Boyd will have lost his conservative Democratic base.]

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Anonymous Choloazul said...

Errrrmmm... for the record I have absolutely no affiliation with the Tea Party, my blue-ness and my dog-ness are my own...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 12:38:00 PM GMT-5  
Anonymous sheerahkahn said...

I still laugh when an interviewer asks a Teapartier why is he opposed to the Health Reform..."socialism, governmnet run health care, etc..." you know, the basic Republican talking-points, and then the interviewer asks before moving on...
"Are you on Medicare?"
To which the individual said, "yes, I'm retired."
Last question, "Are you collecting Social Security benefits?"
"yes I am."
"thank you."

Yep, continuity between what they say and what they do is not a burden for them...makes me wonder if Tea Partiers are just a forum for a collective of Village Idiots to get together to expose themselves to a larger public audience.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 2:51:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger FDChief said...

I really need to write a post on the fawning article that the "other" Portland paper (the Tribune) did on our local teabaggers.

There was the libertarian, who came off like a gomer who had never actually experienced capitalism with the gloves off or gone shy half a slug in his entire life, the Kiwanis slorg who lived by Glenn Beck's Rules For Life, and the real estate lady who was still pissed because she had to pay taxes.

If this is the face of the portion of the U.S. public that is energized about politics I'm afraid that we're about to see some idiotic shenanagains that will make the Shining Path loonie look like Amish elders.

As Bugs Bunny would have said, what a bunch of maroons. What a pack of in-bessels...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 11:09:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Terrible said...

"see some idiotic shenanagains that will make the Shining Path loonie look like Amish elders"

this weeks smashing of windows with bricks , cutting gas lines, and leaving a coffin on a lawn seem to indicate a good start in that direction.

Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 3:32:00 PM GMT-5  

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